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2018 jun 04

1. You are still young

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This primarily refers to those who went to University immediately after school. Upon completion of training, their age will be a little more than 20 years. By the way, is one of the problems which prevents to agree to offer jobs, because after the academic freedom to an eight-hour work schedule are not all. But not necessarily just accept the first thing offered. Some students, for example, after the University arranged for part-time work, the so-called part time, so have enough personal time that you can spend on socializing with peers, going to the movies and just walk.

2. Comparing yourself to other people is a waste of time

No need to call yourself a loser just because your neighbor, friend or classmate got his dream job, and you did not get. Each person has their own path, their abilities, and most importantly, do not despair, moving to the target. Gradually, step by step, correcting errors and improving your own potential, you will achieve the desired.

3. You can’t know who you want to be until you know yourself better and more

As a University student or already having left the educational institution, people are faced with the challenges that life puts to them. But these challenges and allows a better understanding of their own abilities and talents. Having new experiences is extremely useful. New conditions and difficulties through which sometimes has to take place, often help to open in themselves new abilities.

4. Many successful people failed early in his career

Often in the first three years graduates often have to change jobs. This happens even with those who went to work in the specialty after graduation. Any failure has its reasons. Do not despair or be disappointed. You need to analyze why this is so, what do you not like the work or other (former colleagues, co-workers) to you. Based on the results of the analysis, draw conclusions and move on.

5. The years of training were not in vain

The fact that people did not go to work, does not mean that he studied only for a diploma. Of course, University education has a narrow focus, but it allows you to acquire other skills that may be useful in the future. Not all employers are interested in narrow specialization of their employees. They are also interested in workers who is able to think broadly, operational and entrepreneurial. The University does not disclose all of the parties to the man, he only lays the foundations, the rest depends on you.

6. You are not alone

Many students are unsure of themselves and uncertain about your future after graduation. But this is not the time to panic or to let things drift. On the contrary, to gather, to think, to take active steps in your job search. And most importantly, know that all only you can decide. Neither the parents nor friends can’t decide for you how to live and where to work. Be confident – it will help to find their place in life.

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